Welcome 610

The low profile for those who like active leisure

The 610 offers an impressive wardrobe and a versatile garage storage area that can hold items like a scooter or bikes, a windsurfing board, golf clubs, and a fishing rod, all in less than 6.7 meters. It even has a plug for recharging electric bikes! A winner of many awards in Europe, it’s CHAUSSON’s No. 1 best-seller.

4 4 5 6.66 6.69


Blanc – Fiat
Brun – Ford* Welcome
Anthracite – Fiat* Welcome


Islay* Premium
Seychelles Premium
Elite* Premium


Malaga Welcome


* Option

Finishing welcome

Price and functionality

Pack VIP welcome

Manual cab air conditioning
Passenger airbag
Cruise control and speed limiter
Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
Coded front bumper
Glossed cab front gril
Luxury techno trim level dashboard
Seat covers
Panoramic skylight*
Black bezel lamps FIAT
Fog lamps FORD
* Depend on models

Pack PREMIUM welcome

Premium equipment on :
> Rear external panel
> Entrance door
> LED lights
> main mattress
> Kitchen illuminated panel & storage
> Bathroom
> Entrance panel*
Other equipments:
> Central locking cab/cell
> Flyscreen door
> Reversing camera
> Wraparound cab blinds
> Set of "ambiance" cushions
> 12V fan skylight*
> TV bracket
> Gas external socket
> External shower
* Depend on models